How book-tall are you?

It’s always nice to have something interactive in the shop: a quotation to read and on which to reflect, a book Christmas tree to get you in the festive mindset or, for a month now, a wall chart showing the heights of various authors and literary characters. I’ve got to say, this chart has been a real winner. We’ve had a fantastic response to it from the tall and not so tall among our customers or those just passing by.

It’s fair to say that most of our visitors are Hercule Poirots and Jane Austens. But there have been some Sir Conan Doyles and Matildas too. We’ve yet to have a Dracula 🧛‍♂️ pay us a visit.

I’ll admit that though a good deal of Googling was carried out, some of the heights are slightly inaccurate or the fruit of my imagination. Just how tall is White Fang? Answers on a postcard please.

At 5″11 I’m Nabokov, just a hair’s breadth from Tolkien and Hemingway. Given a preference, I would have chosen Sylvia Plath of course!

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I have a tiny book shop in Shrewsbury. I love books. Naturally.

3 thoughts on “How book-tall are you?

  1. Just discovered your wonderful shop. Loved the book-height chart and on the way home I remembered Flat Stanley. Hope you can find a space for him! (from Wikipedia:
    The book recounts the adventures of Stanley Lambchop after surviving being squashed flat while sleeping by a falling bulletin board. He survives and makes the best of being flat, and soon he is entering locked rooms by sliding under the door, being rolled up to go out to the park and playing with his younger brother by being used as a kite. One special advantage is that Flat Stanley can now visit his friends in California by being mailed in an envelope. Stanley even helps catch some art museumthieves by posing as a painting on the wall. Eventually, Stanley wearies of flatness and his brother restores his proper shape with a bicycle pump.)


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