Summertime and book buying is easy

The summer has given us perfect reading weather: go-outside-and-read and stay-in-and-read. To help you read in all weathers we are providing a 50p or 3 for £1 sale. This attractive offer should assist you in the ultimate goal of reading around the clock in all weathers.

Of course, the better weather allows us to carboot for ‘new’ and ultimately fascinating stock which can’t be found anywhere else. I’ve been very lucky, too, to come across some lovely new people wishing to part with their book collections which of course brings you lovely items of interest.

We have just had the annual Shrewsbury Flower Show which coaxes out-of- towners to come and stay for a couple of days and sample the wonderful shops of Shrewsbury. This weekend we met lovely show-goers who were very complimentary about the town.

I’m going to pop the kettle on now and make a coffee. Nothing goes with reading better than a hot cup of something and maybe a doughnut. Well, maybe knowing your book was 50p bargain.

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I have a tiny book shop in Shrewsbury. I love books. Naturally.

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